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Title: The Role of Astaxanthin as a Nutraceutical in Health and Age-Related Conditions
Authors: Bjørklund, Geir
Gasmi, Amin
Lenchyk, Larysa
Shanaida, Mariia
Mujawdiya, Pavan Kumar
Lysiuk, Roman
Antonyak, Halyna
Noor, Sadaf
Akram, Muhammad
Smetanina, Kateryna
Piscopo, Salva
Upy, Taras
Peana, Massimiliano
Affiliation: Волинський національний університет імені Лесі Українки
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Citation: Bjørklund, G.; Gasmi, A.; Lenchyk, L.; Shanaida, M.; Zafar, S.; Mujawdiya, P.K.; Lysiuk, R.; Antonyak, H.; Noor, S.; Akram, M.; et al. The Roleof Astaxanthin as a Nutraceutical in Health and Age-Related Conditions. Molecules 2022, 27, 7167.
Journal/Collection: Molecules
Issue: 27
Issue Date: 2022
Date of entry: 23-Nov-2022
Keywords: Natural Products
health benefit
human aging
antioxidant supplementation
Abstract: The current review provides an up-to-date analysis of scientific data on astaxanthin (ASX) sources and experimental studies on its health benefits as a potent antioxidant in the aging process. ASX is a liposoluble carotenoid nutrient and reddish-orange pigment, naturally synthesized by numerous microalgae, yeasts, and bacteria as secondary metabolites. Provides a reddish hue to redfish and shellfish flesh that feed on ASX-producing microorganisms. The microalga Haematococcus pluvialis is the most important source for its industrial bioproduction. Due to its strong antioxidant properties, numerous investigations reported that natural ASX is a more significant antioxidant agent than other antioxidants, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, and β-carotene. Furthermore, several data show that ASX possesses important nutraceutical applications and health benefits, especially in healthy aging processes. However, further studies are needed for a deeper understanding of the potential mechanisms through which ASX could lead to its effective role in the healthy aging process, such as supporting brain health and skin homeostasis. This review highlights the current investigations on the effective role of ASX in oxidative stress, aging mechanisms, skin physiology, and central nervous system functioning, and shows the potential clinical implications related to its consumption.
Content type: Article
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