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dc.contributor.authorКарпчук, Наталія Петрівна-
dc.contributor.authorТихомирова, Євгенія Борисівна-
dc.contributor.authorKarpchuk, Nataliia P.-
dc.contributor.authorTykhomyrova, Yevheniia B.-
dc.identifier.citationKarpchuk N. P. Political Science : syllabus of an optional academic subject for training of Bachelors, branch of knowledge 029 «International Relations», specialty 291 «International Relations, Public Communications and Regional Studies», education program «International Relations» /N. P. Karpchuk, Ye. B. Tykhomyrova ; Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University, Department of International Communications and Political Analysis. - Lutsk, 2018. - 9 p.-
dc.description.abstractSummary of the course : Politics as a social phenomenon. The subject, structure and paradigm of political science. Approaches to the definition of political science. Methodological Principles of Political Science. Background of Political Science. The concept of power as a social phenomenon. The origin and nature of the state. Forms of government and forms of territorial organization. Legal, social state: definition, nature, the basic features. The concept of the political process. The concept of political regime: its essence and core components. The essence of the political parties and their role in the political system of society. The subjects of the political process. Leadership and its specificity in the political aspects. Political consciousness as a reflection of political life. Political Ideology.uk_UK
dc.publisherLesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University-
dc.subjectполітична владаuk_UK
dc.subjectполітична система-
dc.subjectполітичний процес-
dc.subjectполітична поведінка-
dc.subjectполітичні режими-
dc.subjectpolitical power-
dc.subjectpolitical system-
dc.subjectpolitical process-
dc.subjectpolitical behaviour-
dc.subjectpolitical regimes-
dc.titlePolitical Scienceuk_UK
dc.typeWorking Paperuk_UK
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