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TypeIssue DateDate of entryTitleAuthor(s)
Article5-Nov-20185-Nov-2018A Neurocognitive Perspective on Language Acquisition in Ullman’s DP ModelGotseva, Mariana; Готцева, Маріана
Article20197-Apr-2020Acquisition of turkish grammatical categories in bilingual contextKyuchukov, Hristo; Кючуков, Хрісто
Article8-Nov-20188-Nov-2018An Experimental Study of the Lingual Consciousness of Ukrainians and Russians (Dynamic Aspect)Terekhova, Diana; Терехова, Діана
Article5-Nov-20185-Nov-2018Beyond Recursion: Critique of Hauser, Chomsky, and FitchTaraban, Roman; Тарабань, Роман; Bandara, Achintha; Бандара, Ахінта
Review201823-Apr-2019Book Review Шмігер Т. МонографіяZasiekin, Serhii
Article201716-Sep-2017Catecorization, Fast and SlowStarko, Vasyl
Article22-Apr-201922-Apr-2019Cognitive Exploration of ‘Traveling’ in the Poetry of Widad BenmoussaEncarnación, Sánchez Arenas; Essam, A. Bacem; Енкарнацьйон, Санчеc Аренас; Ессам, Басем
Article201716-Sep-2017Communicative Types Of Self-Disclosure In Public Speaking SettingKyrychuk, Larysa
Article20197-Apr-2020Creating and testing specialized dictionaries for text analysisTaraban, Roman; Pittman, Jessica; Nalabandian, Taleen; Fu Zun Yang, Winson; Marcy, William M.; Gunturu, Srivinasa Murthy; Тарабань, Роман; Піттман, Джесіка; Налабандян, Талін; Янґ, Вінсон Фу Зун; Марсі, Вільям; Ґунтуру, Шрівінаса Мерті
Article201716-Sep-2017Crisis as a Relevant Lexeme in the Linguistic Consciousness of Ukranian PeopleGordiienko-Mytrofanova, Iia; Kobzieva, Iuliia; Bondar, Yuliia
Article5-Nov-20185-Nov-2018Deep Learning and Competition in Psycholinguistic ResearchTaraban, Roman; Тарабань, Роман; Marshall, Philip H.; Маршал, Філіп Х.
Article201716-Sep-2017Etymological Memory of a Word in Designating Sociocultural StereotypeLyubimova, Svitlana
Article201823-Apr-2019Expressed Emotion Towards Individuals with Mental and Physical Health Conditions: A Structured Literature ReviewZasiekina, Larysa; Засєкіна, Лариса
Article201716-Sep-2017Features of Syntagmatic Associations for Stimuli-Names of Food Products in Ukrainian and Modern Greek LanguagesPetrova, Galyna
Article8-Nov-20188-Nov-2018Finding a Common Ground in Human and Machine-Based Text ProcessingTaraban, Roman; Koduru, Lakshmojee; LaCour, Mark; Marshall, Philip; Тарабань, Роман; Кодуру, Лакшмоджі; ЛаКур, Марк; Маршалл, Філіп
Article201716-Sep-2017Frame Analysis of Political TextsDyachuk, Nataliia
Article201613-Sep-2017Gender Differences in Semantic Fluency Patterns in ChildrenSoriano, Federico; Fumagalli, Julieta; Shalom, Diego; Barreyro, Juan Pablo; Martínez-Cuitiño, Macarena
Article6-Nov-20186-Nov-2018How Poetry is Translated...Shmiher, Taras
Article7-Nov-20187-Nov-2018Indo-Anglian: Connotations and DenotationsSharma, Susheel Kumar; Шарма, Сушіл Кумар
Article6-Nov-20186-Nov-2018Interrelationships of Personal Values: A Moderated Mediation Analysis Based on Gender and AgeRomanyuk, Lyudmyla; Романюк, Людмила